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Wisconsin TeleHealth Services allows us to blend virtual care into daily use allowing caregivers to be better partners in care, focusing on social and well-being needs, which is crucial to thriving at home.
This enhanced service, which can be used independently or in combination with in-home care, provides insights, allowing us to detect weakness or illness early on and even support various challenges associated with early stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Wellness Monitoring

Non-invasive sensors detect what is normal for an individual, creating a baseline. Activity and daily living patterns are monitored in real time with wellness updates and daily review.
If there is a change from that baseline, an alert is sent to remote care coordinators to follow up and address a potential risk as well as family members making them aware of a situation at home.

Fall Detection

Via non-intrusive sensors placed throughout the home, falls are detected without the need for cameras or wearable devices. If a fall is suspected, a sensor is triggered and prompt follow up is provided.
Proactive weekly calls are used to review activity if the number of falls increases and ways to identify and reduce risks are employed.

Chronic Disease Management

Bluetooth TeleHealth devices like blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and a weight scale can help manage chronic conditions at home. By capturing health data, individuals can rest assured that conditions are being monitored and not getting worse.
We monitor vitals and provide education as well as alerts and follow up when needed. Medication reminders are a valuable element, helping to ensure that dosages aren’t missed.

Virtual Caregiving

Remote Care Coordinators (RCC) are assigned to clients so they have someone to manage their care and data, monitor medical conditions and help improve outcomes.
These valuable daily and weekend check-ins are designed to make sure food, medication and other household needs are met and can help combat loneliness.


This integrated approach of care and technology lets older adults maintain optimal health and thrive in the comfort of their home. We are proud to offer customizable options tailored to all personal levels of comfort with technology, including using smartphones, tablets or phone calls from a Remote Care Coordinator.
We know that care is not a one-size-fits-all situation and we’re proud to offer tailored elements to build a better framework, so we can achieve meaningful health outcomes for each individual we support.

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