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    What is Wisconsin Telehealth Services?

    Access Care Online, From Anywhere

    When you’re feeling unwell and can’t leave home, video visits offer the solution. Connect with a healthcare provider virtually, receiving the same level of care as an in-person visit without the need to travel to a clinic or your doctor’s office. Whether it’s Quick Care Video Visits for minor illnesses or scheduling a video visit with your trusted provider, 24-hour care is at your fingertips.

    Wellness Monitoring

    • Individual baseline sensors

    • Real-time activity monitoring

    • Alerts sent for any deviations

    Wellness Monitoring

    Fall Detection

    • Live monitoring 24/7

    • Alert escalation tree

    • Customized monitoring

    Fall Detection

    Disease Management

    • Daily vital monitoring

    • Proactive oversight

    • Continuous support

    Disease Managment

    Virtual Caregiving

    • Personalized care

    • Daily and weekend check-ins

    • Addressing essential needs

    Virtual Caregiving

    Wellness Monitoring

    Non-intrusive sensors establish a personalized baseline by detecting an individual’s typical behavior. They continuously monitor daily activities and living patterns, providing real-time wellness updates and daily assessments. Should any deviation from this established baseline occur, an alert is promptly transmitted to remote care coordinators for immediate response, as well as to family members, ensuring their awareness of the situation at home.

    Start your Wellness Monitoring

    Fall Monitoring and Detection

    Falls Are Unpredictable

    Rapid assistance is crucial when such incidents occur, especially given the alarming statistics. With an estimated 684,000 fatal falls annually, the World Health Organization identifies falls as the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related fatalities among adults aged 65 and older. Prolonged immobility after a fall also elevates the risk of health deterioration and potential fatalities.

    This non-invasive technology empowers us to respond more proactively to changing needs, preventing health declines. Real-time response eliminates concerns about the proximity of a phone or the need to press a button for assistance. This approach allows individuals to age in place safely, knowing that the technology is always vigilant and ready to act.

    • Round-the-clock live monitoring

    • Alert escalation hierarchy

    • Tailored monitoring solutions

    • Constant room scanning using 4G wave technology (capable of detecting falls below an 18-inch threshold)

    • Streamlined preconfigured WiFi connection setup (with a router option available in the absence of WiFi)

    • Vigilant Fall Safety Care Coordinators (FCC) providing ongoing monitoring and support

    How it works

    Chronic Disease Management

    Simplifying Vital Collection and Chronic Disease Management

    Our Connected Care Program leverages telehealth devices like weight scales, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters, making it effortless to manage chronic conditions from the comfort of your home. Should an individual miss their vital sign checks or if any readings fall outside predefined clinical thresholds, our RCCs will promptly reach out.

    The primary advantage lies in the vigilant oversight. Vital signs are monitored and assessed daily, enabling immediate intervention when necessary. Most significantly, in the event of vital sign fluctuations, our team takes a proactive approach to address the issue and collaborates closely with the individual to find a solution.


    For individuals seeking the best in wellness and peace of mind, effective management of chronic conditions involves regular vital sign measurements to ensure stability or improvement. The added element of education and support is instrumental in setting individuals on a path to success. We highly recommend this approach for anyone managing a chronic condition, as it helps prevent potential hospitalizations by allowing us to collectively identify issues and intervene as needed. Our cohesive team collaborates to deliver essential health benefits.

    How it works

    Virtual Caregiving

    Clients are matched with Remote Care Coordinators (RCC) to provide personalized care management, monitor medical conditions, and enhance overall outcomes. These essential daily and weekend check-ins are tailored to ensure that clients’ dietary, medication, and other household requirements are met while also addressing the issue of loneliness.

    Dave and Lisa Morbeck

    Meet The Owners / Operators

    Dave and Lisa have owned ComForCare Home Care since 2012, with their focus of providing in-home non-medical assistance to keep individuals living SAFELY within their own home environment. Along the way they were hearing people say; “I don’t need 1-on-1 care” or “I don’t want a stranger coming into my home”. So in 2016 they built a new facility, and opened the Just Like Home Adult Day Center. The focus in both of their businesses is helping individuals to remain living independently within their own homes.

    “Lisa and I want to help people with the necessary daily tasks, but most importantly help keep them safe”, said Dave.

    Lisa added, “there are so many people in our community that need assistance, and are living unsafe. We can help.”

    Fast forward to healthcare today, and Dave and Lisa recognize another opportunity…Telehealth. Consequently they have added a new division, Wisconsin Telehealth Services.

    “We now feel that we can provide an option that can fit the needs of each person and family, but will still keep them SAFE and living at home”, said Dave. We can offer virtual monitoring (Wisconsin Telehealth Services), in-home hands-on assistance (ComForCare Home Care), or on-site supervision and safety (Just Like Home Adult Day Center).

    Enhancing your Life…Not Changing It!

    As they have grown, they have remained focused on the quality of care that they provide, and have been recognized with numerous awards along the way; 2013 Sprinter Award from the ComForCare Home Care corporate office, 2015, 2021, 2022 Best of Jackson – Home Health Care Agency Best Business Award, 2015 West Bend Chamber of Commerce Medium Size Business-of-the-Year, and the 2016 City Beat News Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction. Most recently they received the 2022 Interfaith Caregivers Judy Phillips Community Impact Award. Additionally, they have received milestone awards for providing 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 hours of care on a bi-weekly basis from the ComForCare Home Care corporate headquarters, ranking them in the top third of all ComForCare Home Care offices across the country.

    Read More about Dave

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